Thursday, 1 Jun 2023

Why Having A Tutor For Your Child While They Are Doing In Home Learning Due To The Pandemic

During the pandemic, sending your children to school has become a choice that parents across the country have had to face. Some have pushed for more in person school in the hopes that their child won’t catch the virus or bring it home with them. Others have insisted on keeping their children at home for education because of its safety but these kids have been seen to be struggling with their grades. Whether you’re a parent who decided to keep your child home during the pandemic or send them to school, a tutor could be beneficial for their learning during these trying times.

What is a tutor?

Simply put, a tutor is someone who is trained in education so they can teach your son or daughter additional information about lessons they are learning in school. This way your kids will have the best chances at getting better grades because they are getting extra private lessons about topics they are learning in school. By doing this you’re exposing your child to more knowledge from someone who is trained to better relay information to children than most teachers are. This special 1 on 1 time will go a long way in guiding your child to do better in the classroom.

Where to find a tutor?

Tutors are tractionally hired to be face-to-face but even before the pandemic happened it was common to find online tutors. There are a variety of online tutoring services available for you to look through and find the best one that fits your needs. Also, online tutoring has many advantages like late night or early morning sessions.

You can’t typically get a tutor to teach late at night but if it’s online then your chances are higher because they might even be living in a different part of the country and teaching your child from there. For example, if your child needs tutoring from a place such as Eagle eye tutoring Washington DC then it might not be the best idea to look for digital tutoring in DC if you need late night tutors. It might be better to look for tutors on the west coast like California because if you need a tutor at 10 at night, that’s only 7 o’clock in California. This way, both parties can get what they want out of the tutoring. Your child will be able to squeeze in a late night tutoring session and the tutor won’t have to extend their hours too much.

Online tutoring is definitely the one and only way to go if you’re looking for a tutor during the pandemic. It might not be something your child is used to but after a few sessions, they will get the hang of it.

What kind of tutor?

It’s best to find a tutor that your child is comfortable with and not one that is intimidating. A child needs a safe and comfortable learning environment to really grow as a student.

An extra hour or two a day is all your child needs to advance in a particular subject and get better at learning during the pandemic. The goal is to keep your child on the path of learning and success during a time when accessing a classroom is limited because of safety concerns. As long as your children can continue to gain knowledge in their school subjects, they will be fine.

Most of the time, schools will offer tutors that are recommended by the school board of the district your child attends. If you don’t have that option then searching online and reading reviews is a really great way to find a great tutor. If you have a friend or family member who knows about a great tutor then it might be a good option to talk with them about finding that tutor for your children too. Anything you can do to get some information about a tutor is a great way to help find one.

How can your child work with a tutor?

After finding a tutor, the next step is making sure your child is actually able to work with that tutor by having the right equipment. Depending on the subject, your child has a few different options for how to participate in the tutoring session. The first option is simply by having a computer with a webcam and microphone. This is the easiest and most suggested option because your child will be able to see the tutor, speak with the tutor, take notes and have a clear screen to see what’s happening. For note heavy subjects like math and science this might be the best option for your child.

Following a computer, a laptop is a great option for a tutoring device because it’s more portable than a computer and offers almost the exact same features. The only thing that is really different between a computer and a laptop is that a computer will be able to run any software the tutor decides to have for their lessons. A laptop doesn’t have as much power as a desktop computer does but it has much more portability. Your child will still be able to take notes but won’t be confined to a specific space if they are using a laptop instead of a desktop computer for their tutoring sessions.

The next best option is to get a tablet device for your child to learn on. Most tablets have webcams and microphones built in them so all your child needs to do is set it up and start learning. The great part about a tablet is that it’s more portable than a computer. Your child can move around the home to learn if they are in a loud area or distracting someone else. If you have multiple children learning in the home then tablets might work better for you because they can all go to different parts of the house for their tutoring session and you won’t have to worry about them distracting each other.

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