Advantage of using tools for checking grammar in the document

Grammar checking tool is a kind of software that can be embedded into the word processor, Google Chrome, Google Docs, Outlook, etc. for finding grammatical errors in the content. With the help of this type of tool, you will not only be able to check grammar in the content but can also check improper words, sentence structure, incorrect punctuation, etc. In the market, you will get a number of tools for checking grammar, and among them, Grammarlookup is one of the best and the most reliable. You will get both the paid and free version of this tool. But before you avail of the toll it is very essential to know everything about the tool most importantly the advantage that it provides. Hence, in this article, we have come up with some benefits of grammar checking tools.

Benefits of using grammar checking tool

The following are some advantages of using the grammar checking tool:

  • Time-saving: It can save plenty of time for the writer since it takes a huge time to proofread the document manually after writing the same. Hence, this type of tool is very useful for those writers who remain busy and need to submit the document on deadline. Thus, this type of tool can save time for a writer indirectly as they do not need to consult or hire any technical person for proofreading the content.
  • Enhance the functionality of word processor: This type of tool is usually added to the Word Processor and thus it can enhance the functionality of the program. It complies with syntactic errors and hence it can provide you 100% error-free content.
  • Multi-compatibility: This type of device also comes up with multi-compatibility features. For example, apart from checking grammatical mistakes it also checks spelling mistakes, typo mistakes, punctuation mistakes, etc. This tool also provides a contextually based correction and you do not need to rely only on the spell check features of Microsoft Word.
  • Conceptual learning: With the help of this type of tool you will also be able to build a strong foundation in the English language. Again it breaks down the content into small parts and helps you to identify grammatical and spelling errors in the paragraph and provide you with some useful suggestions to correct the errors. However, it is up to the writer whether he will take that suggestion or not. While working with this tool it is obvious that you will be able to enhance your knowledge of the English language.
  • Build confidence: With this type of tool, the writer will also be able to build confidence as there is no chance of having mistakes in the document after checking the content with this tool. It may create a very bad impact on the reader’s mind if the content is published with mistakes but with this tool, this will never happen and this helps in building confidence.
  • Highly helpful for dyslexic people: People who are suffering from dyslexic cannot read or write in a proper way. These people often get confused with letters but when this tool is used it can automatically detect and rectify the errors.


These are some essential reasons why it is very essential to use the grammar checking tool once you complete writing the content. But you must completely rely on this type of tool as it is context-based and cannot give you 100% accuracy. That is the reason why it is always advisable to read it once even after checking the content through this tool. This tool cannot determine the difference between similar words.

For example, if you write – an aeroplane can fly or a car can fly it cannot determine the difference between these two sentences and take both the sentences as correct. But if you proofread the content once after rectifying the grammatical errors with this tool it will not only save your time but can also make sure that you have 100% correct content. You will get a free-version of this tool but free-version cannot give you accuracy. That is why it is advisable to avail the paid version as it makes less mistakes as compared to that of the free version.