Thursday, 1 Jun 2023


Being a student is amongst the most exciting stages in life wherein you experience a range of emotions, make new friends, and carve a decisive career path. But while there are crucial decisions to make and remarkable experiences to have, choosing safe accommodation as an international student is also vital.

Independent student hostels on websites such as are amongst the top accommodation choices to consider. They offer safety, good food, and the opportunity to make lasting friendships.

Here’s an exciting list of some undeniable advantages you have when living in an off-campus student hostel.

You save more

One of the most significant perks of staying in an independent hostel is saving more money. Most hostels are designed to accommodate student needs keeping in mind their limited budgets. So, unlike private rentals with separate bills for electricity, water, and gas, pretty much everything is covered in a single monthly payment. This way, it is easier for you to plan your monthly budget and keep track of expenditures.

Extra security

Student hostels understand that it can be intimidating for most youngsters to move to an alien nation, unsure about which areas are safe and which aren’t. Naturally, take extreme care when it comes to the security concerns of their residents. They have twenty-four-hour security cameras and staff, support groups, helplines, and a range of other services to ensure the students are safe at all times. Many hostels provide students with swipe card access or passcodes for extra security purposes.

Unique Cultural Understanding

Living among other international students can indeed help you bond better and more efficiently with them, providing an unshakable sense of community. However, hostels are important because you will develop a deeper insight into the local culture by staying here. This culture is evident in the behaviour of the local staff, the delectable and homely meals you enjoy, and the neighbourhood the hostel is located in.

Moreover, many hostels organise events to celebrate upcoming holidays and festivals, offering you a peek into the traditional customs and rituals of the region.

Value for Money

As a hostel resident, you do not have to bring your own furniture or worry about other furnishings. That’s because student hostel rooms come equipped with beds, a desk and chair, study lamps, wardrobes, and more, depending on the type of accommodation you choose. Several places have cafeterias, coffee shops, and other meal services, which are an incredible boon for students with no clue about the local cuisine.

If a tight budget does not constrain you, you can opt for high-end student hostels with a gym, open terrace, barbecues, and other common areas. So essentially, student hostels give you better value for money than private rental apartments that carry additional costs.

Convenient Location

Another excellent advantage of staying in managed hostels is that they are conveniently located near major educational institutions. This cuts down travel costs and time to a massive extent, making it easier for students to use public transport. Also, several reputable hostels are close to entertainment hubs and popular shopping areas, making living in the region much more exciting.

Before you finalise a hostel, ensure to call them and inquire about their on-site amenities. You can also check their reviews to understand better what it’s like to live there.